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Providing Quality Digital Solutions for Your Business.

We specialize in serving business owners through our practical digital marketing experience and strategies to increase their market reach. Our services include web design/development, SEO, content writing, online marketing, ads creation...

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Online service solutions


Effective Digital Marketing

We create digital marketing strategy that meets client expectations.

Awesome Web Development

Responsive, fast-loading and user-friendly website for your business.

Best SEO Services

Top SEO solutions to boost your website visibility on search engine.

SEO Content Writing

Catchy copywriting and SEO content writing services for you website/blog.

Online Campaigns Creation

Highly converted Google, Bing, Facebook and other social media ads.

Courses and Business Advice

Best SEO, web and digital courses, mentorship and guidance.

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More About Knowledge Trend and Its Subsidiaries

Knowledge Trend is a large conglomerate of tech, digital and media company based in Lagos, Nigeria; and expanding through online spaces to the global technological ecosystem. Our startup businesses include Knowledge Trend Media, knowledge Trend AI and Knowledge Trend Digital Services...

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Our company provides specialized marketing solutions tailored to various industries.

We assist business owners and startups in providing improved services to their clients by utilizing digital tools and strategies that expand their market reach. Our expertise and enthusiasm in aiding business owners make us the ideal choice.

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Web Development and SEO Services

Get the best SEO, web design & web development solutions for your website or blog.

Copy and Content Writing Services

Let's draft high-ranking SEO content and website copies for your business.

Internet Marketing Services

We will market your business through online campaigns, Social media ads, Google Ads and business listing.

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Frequently Asked Quetions

Read our FAQ's to understand the details of services we're providing to help you improve your website

Is Knowledge Trend Digital Services authentic?

Yes, Knowledge Trend Digital Services is a genuine digital marketing agency. We have social media profiles and contacts for you to confirm our business validity.

How can I obtain your services?

This website provides all the information and services we offer. If there is any information you need, feel free to contact us through our email

Do you accept a contract deal?

Yes, you can hire us to contribute to your project and become part of your team for a long-term relationship.

Can I ask for discount?

Yes, you can ask for discount from Knowledge Trend Digital Services. Our services are negotiable and we want to offer you the cheapest digital solutions.

Can I get your services for free?

We can offer you some guides and directions on how to solve your web, SEO and digital solutions for free. But you need our service package for a full-time commitment from us.

How can I contact you?

Contact us through our email address, or fill our contact form on this website.

Pricing Plans

We offer a variety of tools and solutions to help you increase website traffic and solutions.

Content writing

Our content writing services is one of the cheapest you can find on the internet. Besides being cheap, we can negotiate our price based on the size of the project.

$ 0.02 /word

SEO Services

The price of our SEO services varies based on the task. For instance, we charge $50/link for backlink building. But for an average work including SEO consulting, our price is fixed.

$ 200 /Month

Internet Marketing/ Campaigns Creation

Price for Facebook/Instagram campaigns begin from $20. Google ads, content marketing and others varies. Our prices are negotiable.

$ 50 /Hour

Web Design and Development

Web design: $200 for a blog with custom domain and necessary copies.Web development: $100 minimum for website solutions.

$ 100 /time

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